The Sundance Revenge



Deaths are mounting at the Sundance Film Festival...

January in Park City, Utah, means the streets and ski runs are jammed with Hollywood celebrities. Belle Bannon is a former combat Marine with anger issues. Currently, she works as a bow-hunting guide, and a member of the Ski Patrol, to make a few extra bucks. The power goes out in a heavy windstorm, stranding skiers in chairs dangling high in the air from ski lifts. During Belle’s harrowing attempt to extract a stranded skier, he resists, screams, “Rover!”, head-butts her, then executes a perfect back dive to the rocky ravine far below. Watching from the trees, a woman who calls herself “The Sword of Justice”, is ecstatic and whispers to herself, “It begins.”

Over the next few days, more “accidents” occur, including an eighteen-year-old girl whom Belle considered a little sister. Angry and suspicious, Belle sets out to find a link connecting the accident victims in hope of proving the deaths were homicides. The search eventually leads to an event that occurred almost a hundred and fifty years earlier. The efforts trigger the killers to take aim at her and the entire town.

With a target on her back, she must race a ticking clock to both rescue the next victim, before it's too late, and save the residents and visitors of the town…

…from a deadly catastrophe.

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