The Sundance Revenge



Deaths are mounting at the Sundance Film Festival...

January in Park City, Utah, means the streets and ski runs are jammed with Hollywood celebrities. Belle Bannon is a former combat Marine with anger issues. Currently, she works as a bow-hunting guide, and a member of the Ski Patrol, to make a few extra bucks. The power goes out in a heavy windstorm, stranding skiers in chairs dangling high in the air from ski lifts. During Belle’s harrowing attempt to extract a stranded skier, he resists, screams, “Rover!”, head-butts her, then executes a perfect back dive to the rocky ravine far below. Watching from the trees, a woman who calls herself “The Sword of Justice”, is ecstatic and whispers to herself, “It begins.”

Over the next few days, more “accidents” occur, including an eighteen-year-old girl whom Belle considered a little sister. Angry and suspicious, Belle sets out to find a link connecting the accident victims in hope of proving the deaths were homicides. The search eventually leads to an event that occurred almost a hundred and fifty years earlier. The efforts trigger the killers to take aim at her and the entire town.

With a target on her back, she must race a ticking clock to both rescue the next victim, before it's too late, and save the residents and visitors of the town…

…from a deadly catastrophe.

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The Comanche Code


Belle Bannon's younger sister works as an intern at a western artifacts museum in the Texas panhandle. Two rogue Chinese agents mistake her for Nora Yates, the curator of the museum, and kidnap her. The kidnappers give Belle and Nora seventy-two hours to decode a series of obscure Comanche symbols on Chief Quanah Parker’s war lance, or Belle’s sister will die.

The search for clues necessary to decode the symbols takes them across the dusty plains of west Texas, through New Mexico’s labyrinth of caverns, and deep into the fetid Louisiana bayou. What they discover along their journey is that the symbols lead to the location of a mysterious jade box, the contents of which can make the kidnappers filthy rich. Belle and Nora not only have to deal with the kidnappers, but also fight off an opposing force—lethal Chinese agents who are willing to do anything, including killing innocent people, to prevent the contents of the jade box from surfacing.

It's then that Belle realizes she faces an impossible dilemma: If she and Nora survive, beat the ticking clock, and save her sister . . .

. . . the end result could be nuclear war with China.

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