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Archive for April 2013

Use of Profanity in Writing Thrillers

The use of profanity is a challenge for all thriller writers. Because thrillers usually involve really bad characters, the temptation is to write dialogue for them which mirrors the way real bad guys talk. Unfortunately, real bad guys (and many real good guys) can season each sentence with a half dozen F-bombs. No reader wants…

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Launch Day

Last night I celebrated launch day for Dead Light with friends at a surprise party organized by my amazing wife, Anne. Tonight she and I will open a 27 year old bottle of Amarone I’ve been saving for years, waiting for a special occasion. I’m a little worried about waiting so long on the wine.…

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THRILLER IDEAS AS CLOSE AS TODAY’S NEWSPAPER     More on the subject of: How do writers get their ideas? The answer is, we look around. To illustrate that ideas are as close as the morning newspaper, I’ve randomly selected the March 25, 2013 edition of the Washington Post. Let’s look for ideas in each…

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