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Archive for November 2013

The Day After

Future social historians will look back at the 20th and early 21st Centuries and identify three socially transforming events in America: Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, and 9/11. The day after Pearl Harbor, Americans realized they were no longer protected by two oceans and the Nation’s collective sense of security was transformed. The day after…

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Would You Believe Mayor Rob Ford as a Fictional Character?

Deep-sea creatures like the Anglerfish; string theory, which revealed through mathematics the possibility of multiple dimensions; the unlikely reality television careers of Gary Busey and Bruce Jenner – all these things might qualify for that wonderful Mark Twain quote:   “Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”…

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Cronenberg Smacks Down Kubrick in Article

Stanley Kubrick continues to be a lightning rod of film-industry controversy nearly a decade and a half after his death. This time around it’s coming from one of the most cutting-edge filmmakers in the sci-fi/thriller/horror/weirdness game, David Cronenberg.   Here’s what the Canadian director recently told The Toronto Star when asked about how his film…

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