National Cathedral / Earthquake

The Washington National Cathedral serves as the setting for key scenes in my upcoming book, One to Go. If you visit the Washington area, I recommend adding the Cathedral to your list of sites to visit. No matter your religion (or absence thereof) the structure is a testament to thousands of dedicated men and women who took over 83 years to build an architectural wonder which can stand proudly next to Europe’s greatest Cathedrals. (Of course our cathedral is truly American. The south aisle contains a lunar rock, and a sculpture of Darth Vadar can be found at the top of the west tower.)imgres-1

On August 23, 2011, a mag 5.8 earthquake struck the Washington area doing significant damage to the Cathedral. While still structurally sound—ecumenical services as well as daily tours continue—many of the pinnacles, gargoyles and buttresses were damaged. The Cathedral welcomes any and all contributions to assist in restoration.

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